Expressive Awakening Arts

Krystal Dyan 

Beautify Your Mind – Radiance Your Heart – Awaken to the Truth Of Who You Are

Experience Illuminating Journeys through Sacred Art Forms

Inspiration – Transformation – Awakening

Embark on an Inspirational Odyssey where the Poetics of Paint, Pen, & Inquiry transport you into a wondrous realm of Healing, Transformation, and Awakening
“If the doors of perception where cleansed everything would appear to us as it is — Infinite”   
                                       –William Blake
A journey of Remembering awaits.  Awaken to your True Nature, and open the doors to your deepest freedom and authentic expression.
The situations a dull, slumbering mind drowns in, the boundless radiance of an Awakened Mind swims through.
The visionary enchantment of Alchemical Artistry will take you into a sacred experience, rich with revelatory insights, and profound epiphanies, where realization dawns upon the mind, and enters the heart with it’s perfect love.

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Greetings Awakening Creatives

Meaningful Musings of Alchemical Artistry, Awakened Intuition, and Instinctual Wisdom will journey you into deep contemplative states, evoking profound insights and greater curiosity …….  We will explore the Magical Enchantment of True Awakening and Ripened Embodiment, and what that looks like practically, and how to apply awakened awareness through thought, speech, and action.


Please contact me with your questions, and we can discuss how these transformative Expressive Awakening Arts offerings can help you on your path of transformation, healing, and awakening.